Just like how home renovation contractors and cleaning services would get insurance for their field of work and race car drivers would get additional insurance for their cars, an athlete or cyclist should also consider getting a separate insurance for their bikes.


So what are the benefits of getting a bicycle insurance and do cyclists really need it?


Competition Fee Reimbursements

If you have a bike insurance, you can be reimbursed for the competition fees that have already been paid for if you are no longer able to participate in an event due to damage on your bike. If your bike damage occurred under the conditions of the insurance company, then you can be entitled to claim your fee reimbursement. A lot of policies have limits such as $500 for every competition, so you should check with the insurance company first.


Protection for Bicycle Parts

There are also bicycle insurance policies that protect the bike owners for damaged bicycle parts or a lost/stolen bike. These policies also have a protection limit for every incident and the total amount they cover. For instance they may cover $500 for every damage or loss and a total limit of $1000.


Liability Insurance

You should remember that the liability insurance does not cover the injuries sustained by the policy holder during an accident, rather the insurance covers the other people involved in the accident. It can also protect the cyclist for property damage. So in the event that the policy holder collides with another cyclist or through the property of another person, then the policy holder will not have to worry about the financial obligation to the other party. Watch this video at and know more about triathlon.


Injuries or Damages by a Vehicle

Accidents involving cyclists and automobiles occur more often than you think. In the event that something like this occurs, the cyclist's bicycle policy can provide financial coverage. However, there are limits to the coverage depending on the policy of the insurance.


Importance of Bicycle Insurance

By having an insurance policy for their bicycles, cyclists can ride more confidently in their bikes knowing that there is a policy that safeguards them from potential accidents and damages. It is also important for them to insure the something that involves their daily life since it cannot only harm them but others as well.



In summary, a bicycle insurance does not only cover damage and loss of the bike itself, but it also offer comprehensive coverage for the policy holder against theft, damage, competition fees and liability. It is definitely a great way to have peace of mind for serious riders. Check it out!