Though there are a lot of means that you can employ to secure your bicycle, not all of them are guaranteed effective. This is why if you own a bicycle it is of utmost importance that you get a bicycle insurance as an added protection. Another reason why getting one is important is that bicycles have become essential in the daily commute life of some people. Bicycles are the transportation of choice if you want to save more money as well as be able to save the environment. These are some of the reasons why a lot of people have now considered using bicycles to travel to and from their workplaces. And of course, never forget the health benefits that you get with bicycling. By using bicycles, you get to do some regular exercises to benefit your body. This is why bicycles have become very important for either sporting or leisure events.


So, what does bicycle insurance encompass with regard to bicycle-related accidents and your own bicycle?


First, you should remember that bicycle insurance companies at offer different policies depending on one's country, state, or province of origin.


Generally, renter and home owner insurance covers one's personal property wherever they may be from specific perils with the likes of theft that pretty much includes your own bicycle.


But still, there are certain exclusions and limitations with this type of coverage and they could differ from one insurance company to another. Visit this website at and learn more about triathlon.


One of the most common restrictions is having your personal property at another residence such as a house that you are visiting for an extended time or a vacation home. This scenario only comes with a small coverage amount. Thus, if you want your property at such a location to have a full insurance coverage, then you should have the insurance of your property transferred into another location.


If you are wondering how much your cycle insurance company will pay you in the event that your bicycle gets stolen, here are some facts.


The amount they will pay will have to depend again on your insurance coverage. What is typically being practiced by insurance companies is to pay you back an amount of your personal property that is worth the item with its present age. For instance, the value of a bicycle of ten years would cost the price of a new bicycle less its depreciation for ten years.



However, if your bicycle insurance covers for replacement cost, then your bicycle will be replaced minus the depreciation. In simple terms, your bicycle of ten years will be replaced with a new one of the same value and quality.